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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Two Unbelievable Finds!

Ahh! The warmer weather is finally here!  I am back to my daily walks around the neighborhood.  Tonight the kiddos and I were out walking.  I don't know how we missed these beauties, but we walked right passed them.  We had just gotten back from our walk when a friend knocked on our front door.  She told me of these aged beauties and thought I would like to have them.  I think she was on her way home, and she must have turned around just to tell me.  I am glad she did!
Thank you, Patricia!
I can picture the parlor these chairs would have sat in.
 They actually don't smell either!

I think this is way above what I can handle, but I am willing to study up and give it a try!
The woodwork is definitely not getting painted! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Free Cabinet

I went to an anitques shop in our area and there were these old cabinets that came out of farm houses in the area that the people were selling for $100 or more.  I thought they were neat old cabinets but not in my budget.  The other day my son and I were driving to the grocery store, and I spotted this one for FREE!
What is really neat is that it came out of my deceased Great Uncle's house.  I am not sure who lives there now though.  As we were putting it in the van, an old skeleton key fell out too.
 What little treasures!   
I am not sure if hubby thinks it is a treasure though--esp. the silver spray paint :)
I can't wait to figure out what I am going to do with this one:)

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